#1 - JANUARY 26, 2023
Good evening,

Godot ready for AAA?

Godot 4 is steaming into view and new beta releases are coming out faster than the devs can write snapshots for them. It has truly never been a better time to get into game development with Godot. So does Godot 4 mean that the engine is ready for the big time?

What's missing?

Here is a breakdown of what Godot needs to compete with AAA engines.

Community Spotlight

Godot 4 brings the FIRE!

Godot Wild Jam

This month broke records with more than 1k+ submissions.

First screenshot of Godot

Checkout the first screenshot of Godot recently shared by it's creator.

Should Godot have a mobile SDK?

Vote here.


Kamaeru is a cozy farming sim where you collect and breed frogs, customize your environment, and restore biodiversity in the wetlands.

Dev snapshot: Godot 4.0 beta 15

Godot is contantly being updated. Check out some recent changes.

Zen Games

Zen Games is a six-microgame collection meant to be induce relaxation, relieve stress and build focus and concentration.

List of Godot Tutorials

A compiled a list of Godot tutorial channels on YouTube

Find this article and more on the GODOT BITES website.
Submit your own projects on there as well.
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