#3 - FEBRUARY 9, 2023
Good morning,

Godot 4.0 RC 1

Checkout the first release candidate for Godot 4.0.

Godot for the web

Follow along and port your Godot game for the web and itch.io.

Godot mobile

Godot mobile beta released on the Play Store!


A lot has been improved with Godot's XR technology.

The Last Seed

An Angry Birds inpsired Godot game.


Netflix has been slowing adding games to their catalogue and it seems they are now hiring Godot devs.

3D? maybe not...

Fake 3D pixel art in Godot!

Godot and Docker

Follow SDG Games along as he shows how to improve your workflow with Docker.

Free assets?

1000s of FREE 3D Game Models!

This week in Godot

One Limb Horror, Space Survival, City Building, Real Estate Agents

Lambda functions

Lambda functions are small, anonymous functions that can be declared inline rather than via full function declaration. Let's take a quick look at how to write them in Godot 4.

Chicken Fight!

Chickens, baseball bats and rockets, need more?

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